Photo Contest

Rebel Riders at Istanbul Photo Awards 2018

Unexpected at best, my on-going project 'Rebel Riders' has been awarded third prize in Story Portrait category of Istanbul Photo Awards 2018. The series was originally started when I was participating in Southeast Asian Photography Masterclass, a program initiated by Obscura Photo Festival in 2016 and supervised by Jorg Bruggemann and Tobias Kruse from the renowned Ostkreuz Photo Agency. Never been happier!


Below are some images from the series.

 Bonjay, a scooterist from Jakarta, posed for a portrait with his kick scooter style vespa.
 Three scooterists, Adul (middle), Bango (left), and Ajis (right), posed for a portrait with their custom-made lowrider vespa in Bekasi, a sprawling Jakarta suburb.
 Sugik, a scooterist from Padang, West Sumatra, posed for a portrait onboard his modified vespa built from used oil drum and iron bars. As an experienced mechanic, he pushed the boundaries further by installing two engines for more power and custom-made reverse gear.

See the complete list of winners here.