Google's Local Guide Rolling On: Sri Lestari

Last August, I got a chance to produce a short documentary for Google's Local Guide Rolling On, a series which focuses on how people with disabilities navigate the city they are living in. The short film features Sri Lestari, a disability rights activist living in Solodiran, Klaten, Central Java. In the production, I worked with Giri Prasetyo, a really good friend of mine who happened to be a great cinematographer and director. Apart from being the producer, I also capture the scene as the second cameraman. Sound was amazingly handled by Mirwan Arfah, a native of Yogyakarta.

Sri Lestari in her parents house © Muhammad Fadli

Sri Lestari in her parents house © Muhammad Fadli

The production days were pretty straightforward with one shooting day reserved to capture Sri's daily activities, and another day for B-roll.

Watch the finished documentary below.

Client: GOOGLE Inc
Producer: Muhammad Fadli
Director of Photography and 1st Cameraman: Giri Prasetyo
2nd Cameraman: Muhammad Fadli
Sound: Mirwan Arfah