Iran After Sanction in DestinAsian Indonesia

Final publication of assignment in Iran for DestinAsian Indonesia. The images and words (I also happened to write again after so long) are published in April-June 2018 issue of the magazine. During the assignment, which highlights Iran after most of the sanctions being lifted, I managed to see the many part of the country: the bustling Terhan, Lut Desert in the south, and the Caspian region in the north. Read the full story here (in Indonesian only). And some extra images can be seen here.


A Glimpse of Iran

Well, it's been a while since the last time I posted something. The plans to fill this blog regularly remains just as that—plans. But today I'm trying to keep up, updating it with something new. It will be brief, but with pictures :D

So now I'm in Iran, traveling to some parts of the country for 13 days (that's kind of short). Arrived in the middle of last week, my first impression of this country was a little more than I ever expected. Probably that's because of the everlasting impression created by the Western media—they made us think that Iran is not a safe place to go, and above all it's on the United States list of the Axis of Evil.

The reality is just far away from that. Many times I found out that much of what media said about a country is wrong. And in Iran almost all of it are wrong. I can see how this country which full of kind-hearted Iranians is treated unfair by the world. For me it will be always likely to be on my list of the Axis of Good.

My travel was begun in Tehran. Unlike most of my travel before, I'm enjoying Iran with a good friend of mine, Mohammad Safir Makki from the Jakarta Globe. But we don't have a lot of time. Instead of spending more days in the capital, we rushed to Yazd, a city flanked by never-ending desert in Central Iran. Here, where the weather is always burning during summer, we found a warm hospitality of the Iranians even more.

There are a lot of stories. But I'm prefer to save it for later. This will be just the first.

And today, I'm in Esfahan.