Das Magazin Reportage Won Real21 Media Prize

Congratulations to Paula Scheidt for winning Real21 Medienpreis (Real21 Media Prize) for the feature about Indonesian Islamic Boarding school title ‘Was Ist Ein Guter Muslim’ (What is a Good Muslim). The original feature was published earlier this year in Das Magazin

Although the award is for the writing, I am super happy to shot and worked alongside Paula for this piece. Assigned by Dorothea Fiedler from Studio Andreas Wellnitz.

XDas Magazin - Islam 03.jpg

Rebel Riders in Silkwinds

Rebel Riders, my project about Indonesian so-called extreme vespa community has just been published in Silkwinds, Silk Air Inflight Magazine, June 2018. It includes some new images that I just shoot and developed recently.


Iran After Sanction in DestinAsian Indonesia

Final publication of assignment in Iran for DestinAsian Indonesia. The images and words (I also happened to write again after so long) are published in April-June 2018 issue of the magazine. During the assignment, which highlights Iran after most of the sanctions being lifted, I managed to see the many part of the country: the bustling Terhan, Lut Desert in the south, and the Caspian region in the north. Read the full story here (in Indonesian only). And some extra images can be seen here.


On the Road with Persija's Ultras for 11 Freunde

First post for 2018: publication from an assignment for 11 FREUNDE following Persija's ultras Curva Nord's bus journey from Jakarta to Solo during the Indonesian Derby: Persija vs Persib Bandung. While the match didn't live up to expectation, the trip did, especially after the bus I boarded were attacked on the highway by Persib's fans :D

Below are the 14 pages layout of the published story. Will post the outtakes a bit later.


Client: 11 Freunde
Assigning Editor: Kai Senf
Writer: Andreas Bock

Museum MACAN's Aaron Seeto for Mabuhay

Commissioned by Mabuhay, the inflight magazine of Philippine Airlines, I made portrait of Aaron Seeto, the director of Museum MACAN (Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara).  

 Aaron Seeto of Museum Macan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Museum MACAN is the first institution of its kind in Indonesia which provides significant and growing collection of modern and contemporary art from Indonesia and around the world toward the public. The Museum has an active program of exhibitions and events in a 4,000 square meter facility including onsite education and conservation spaces.

Christoph Schulz's Portrait for NEON

I made portrait of Christoph Schulz for Neon at the beginning of last October. The image was published on November issue of the magazine. 


Christoph, who founded Care Elite, is a promoter of greener life and plastic-free products. When I met him for the portrait session at the beach in Lombok, he was just finished initiating a beach cleaning excursion involving local population and tourists alike.

 Portrait of Christoph Schulz, Careelite.

Visit his website to know him more.

Client: NEON Magazin
Assigning Editor: Frauke Schnoor